WS41: Serve your GIS 3D data to the Web


Trainers: Olivier Courtin (Oslandia)

Schedule: Tuesday Noon 14-18

Places: 30




This workshop is an introduction to 3D geospatial infrastructure. It will lead you to serving 3D data from a spatial database to a 3D web visualization client.

The Open Source components used in this workshop are the following : PostGIS, to store and manipulate 3D data ( buildings ) building-server, a web server streaming 3D data * iTowns, the 3D web visualization framework

The workshop will teach you the following steps : Get to know the 3D data ( buildings ) See how the data is stored in PostGIS 3D How to setup building-server to serve the data on HTTP Install and configure iTowns for 3D web visualization Mixing other datatype and visualize them Improve the iTowns application with more features ( picking, popup…)

This introduction to opensource 3D technologies is intended to a public with a good knowledge of GIS, some database knowledge ( SQL ) and at least basic programming skills ( Javascript ).

Tags: WebGL, 3D, PostGIS, itowns, OGC, GIS, Three.js, WebService, SFCGAL