WS37: Introduction to MapFish Print 3: Maps, Templates and Reports


Trainers: Tobias Sauerwein (Camptocamp), Marion Baumgartner (Camptocamp)

Schedule: Tuesday Noon 14-18

Places: 30




Generating reports is an important feature in many web-mapping applications. MapFish Print 3 is an interesting tool for this job. The project MapFish Print project consists of a Java library and a web application for generating reports with maps from many different raster and vector sources, like WMS, WMTS, tile services, WFS or GeoJSON.

This hands-on workshop introduces MapFish Print 3 and guides through the creation of a PDF report visualizing your own geo-data. Participants will learn to customize and extend report templates using the WYSIWYG designer JasperSoft Studio, e.g. to insert components like maps, scale-bars or legends. The configuration of reports will be explained with practical examples. Then a PDF report will be generated by sending a print request to a MapFish Print server referencing different geo-data sources.

The following topics will be addressed in this workshop:

  • Installation of MapFish Print 3
  • Configuration of reports with a YAML configuration file
  • Editing report templates with JasperSoft Studio
  • Configuration of components like maps, scale-bars or legends
  • Sending a print request with different geo-data
  • Complex reports

Tags: Reporting, Print, GeoTools, WebGIS, Web Mapping, Java