WS36: Building Standards Compliant Geospatial Web Applications - the Quick and Easy MapMint Way


Trainers: Gérald Fenoy (GeoLabs SARL), Nicolas Bozon (Esri France) Venkatesh Raghavan (Osaka City University)

Schedule: Tuesday Noon 14-18

Places: 20




This workshop will introduce the MapMint framework that provides quick and easy way to build and manage geospatial web applications using Open Source, Open Standards and Open Data. The MapMint is a development framework built based on ZOO-Project, MapServer, GDAL/OGR on the server side and jQuery, Bootstrap and OpenLayers on the client side. The MapMint framework is built on the principle that "Everything is a Service", including data oriented services such as WMS, WFS, WFS-T, WCS and WMTS and task oriented services by deploying WPS based on existing geospatial libraries such as GDAL/OGR, pgRouting, R etc. After a brief presentation of every modules and general workflow to create and publish a webmapping application, the MapMint Manager will be used to edit web maps application and create style for layers. Finally, the MapMint Publisher will be used to define modules to be included in the web application accessible from any browser on computer or mobile devices.

Tags: GDAL, OGC Web Services, ZOO-Project, WPS, wfs, WMS, WCS, WMTS



Additional Information:

No specific skills required.

Knowledge about OGC Web Services would be an asset.