WS31: Managing CityGML-based 3D city models in PostGIS and Cesium using the 3DCityDB Stack


Trainers: Felix Kunde (Beuth University of Applied Science), Claus Nagel (virtualcitySYSTEMS GmbH), Zhihang Yao (Technische Universtät München)

Schedule: Tuesday Morning 9-13

Places: 30




CityGML is an international OGC standard for representing and exchanging virtual 3D city models and has been widely adopted by the industry during the last years. As some cities like Berlin, Rotterdam or New York have published their models as Open Data a great deal of CityGML files is available to the public. But how to work with them using Foss4g tools?

The 3D City Database provides a solution to ingest, maintain and query the models in PostGIS. With the newest stable version users can choose to export content to glTF which can be embedded into Cesium for web-based rendering using WebGL.

In this workshop we will set up a 3D City Database on PostGIS and generate a 3D web mapping application running on Cesium. We will give a brief introduction to CityGML and the database schema and present queries (via SQL and WFS) that show the potential of semantic 3D city modelling.

Tags: CityGML, 3DCityDB, OGC, PostGIS, 3D, Cesium, smart city