WS30: Creating WebGIS Applications with GeoExt 3


Trainers: Christian Mayer (meggsimum), Kai Volland (terrestris GmbH & Co. KG), Johannes Weskamm (terrestris GmbH & Co. KG)

Schedule: Tuesday Morning 9-13

Places: 20




The workshop will show how to create sophisticated WebGIS applications based on the latest version of the JavaScript library GeoExt.

The participants will get an introduction to the latest version and the tools needed to quickly setup and develop GeoExt 3 applications. After an introduction and some general information about the project, the workshop will shift its main focus to the development of an example application. This is just the best way to get into GeoExt 3. Learning by doing!

General information:

GeoExt 3 [1] is based on the JavaScript framework ExtJS 6 [2] and the JavaScript mapping library OpenLayers 3 [3] and is under active development since summer 2015.

The workshop will be held by the GeoExt 3 core committers Christian Mayer, Kai Volland and Johannes Weskamm, who have been working on GeoExt 3 since the first days.

Previous knowledge in JavaScript is welcome but not necessary.




Tags: GeoExt, OpenLayers, WebGIS, webmapping