WS28: GeoServer Styling Workshop


Trainers: Jody Garnett (Boundless), Kevin Smith (Boundless), Torben Barsballe (Boundless)

Schedule: Tuesday Morning 9-13

Places: 30




GeoServer is a renowned map and data publishing server with powerful styling capabilities. GeoServer’s rendering engine is configured using Style Layer Descriptor (SLD) files which can be quite verbose and difficult to manage.

This workshop uses your choice of technology:

  • Use YSLD styles represent styling using easy to use YAML text documents. This is a great approach that can be directly used by the rendering engine; or

  • Use a Cascading Style Sheet markup to generate SLD documents files using a CSS approach familiar to web developers.

This workshop offers an introduction to cartography and is appropriate for anyone who wants to more about styling map layers. We are very excited about this course as the use of YSLD or CSS allows for extensive creative examples while remaining easy to follow and understand.

Experience with GeoServer is not required. Beginners will enjoy a visual introduction to GeoServer focused producing great visuals while veterans will find GeoServer easier to use and maintain after this workshop.

Tags: Cartography, style, Web Mapping, GeoServer



Additional Information:

This workshop was successfully run at foss4g 2014 and has been updated with examples from both CSS and a new styling technology using a YAML representation of styling.