WS27: Unleash the power of GRASS GIS 7


Trainers: Markus Neteler (mundialis GmbH & Co KG), Luca Delucchi (Fondazione Edmund Mach), Martin Landa (Czech Technical University in Prague)

Schedule: Tuesday Morning 9-13

Places: 20




Want to know how to analyze big geodata? ... do you enjoy true GIS analysis?

In this introductory course we present GRASS GIS 7 which is a free GIS used for geospatial data management and analysis, image processing, graphics/maps production, spatial modelling, and visualization which runs on MS Windows, Mac OSX and Linux which is gaining enormous interest due to its impressive features (

Our aim is to enable first time users to understand the modular logic of the software and to experiment some exciting data processing. The workshop provides a step by step tutorial to guide beginners from basic usage to vector analysis, up to complex remote sensing analysis. We will also cover QGIS interaction with GRASS GIS, data visualization, terrain analysis, and the export of geodata.

Some basic knowledge of general GIS aspects like data format, projection system is required but no GRASS GIS experience.

Tags: geoprocessing, Open source Geospatial Technologies, vector, Spatial analysis, remote sensing, geospatial data, terrain analysis, GRASS-GIS, image processing