WS22: I have data with TIME, ELEVATION and other dimensions: what can GeoServer do for me?


Trainers: Simone Giannecchini (GeoSolutions), Andrea Aime (GeoSolutions)

Schedule: Monday Noon 14-18

Places: 20




This workshop will provide detailed information on how to handle SpatioTemporal metadata in GeoServer for serving with OGC Services, with a particular focus on WMS and WCS. Topics covered: - Discussion over existing data formats and how to preprocess them for best serving multidimensional raster and vector data with GeoServer - How to configure vector data with time and elevation in GeoServer - How to configure raster data with time and elevation in GeoServer, with particular attention to multidimensional mosaics and NetCDF data - Dealing with custom dimensions, default values, and their interaction in WMS requests - Handling multidimensional data in WCS 2.0 with Earth Observation extensions - Automating ingestion and unloading of data to setup moving window publishing (e.g., last N months of data) - Serving SpatioTemporal raster and vector data with OGC Services, tips and tricks

In order to participate to the workshop a basic knowledge of GeoServer and OGC services is recommended as well as working knowledge of concepts and formats pertinent to the MetOc and Remote Sensing field.

Tags: raster, earth observation, remote sensing, GeoServer, wfs, WMS, WCS, Oceanography, Meteorology, MetOc, WMS-T



Additional Information:

The workshop does not require computer