WS19: Publish your geodata in online/offline mobile apps


Trainers: Jaak Laineste (CartoDB)

Schedule: Monday Noon 14-18

Places: 30




We’ll introduce how to create a basic mobile GIS app with your own vector map data, using FOSS tools like CartoDB, OGR/GDAL etc. Specifically we:

(1) Create basic "hello map" app for Android using CartoDB mobile SDK (formerly known as Nutiteq SDK ) (2) Upload geodata to CartoDB platform (3) Manage map visualisation and styling in CartoDB editor (4) Load the data to mobile for viewing and editing (5) Show some advanced tricks for nice and fast visualizations and interactions (6) Use OpenStreetMap or your custom base maps (7) How to make it to work offline

This workshop is done with Android, but same mobile SDK is available also for iOS and Xamarin/.NET platforms, and 95% of principles are the same.

Tags: Android, mobile, visualizations



Additional Information:

The trainers have done similar workshop in FOSS4G US Portland in 2014, and it was very popular.