WS17: Beyond GeoServer Basics


Trainers: Mike Pumphrey (Boundless), Morgan Thompson (Boundless)

Schedule: Monday Noon 14-18

Places: 30




You've got GeoServer running and you've loaded some data that users can consume. Now what? For many users, GeoServer is only used to serve rendered map images, but in this workshop, attendees will learn about some of the features that GeoServer that are often overlooked.

The specific topics that will be covered include: - updating data on the server using WFS-T - Web Processing Service for server-side geospatial analysis - rendering transforms to dynamically transform your data into heatmaps - filtering data based on user input - using SQL Views with GeoServer - working with time-enabled data

Each of these skills can be applied to making beautiful and dynamic web applications powered by GeoServer. This workshop will assume that you are familiar with basic GeoServer concepts and interaction, such as how to load and publish a shapefile.

Tags: TIME, GeoServer, WPS, filtering, heatmaps, SQL Views, WFS-T