WS16: Introduction to OpenLayers


Trainers: Andreas Hocevar (Boundless), Tobias Sauerwein (Camptocamp), Marc Jansen (terrestris GmbH & Co. KG)

Schedule: Monday Noon 14-18

Places: 30




OpenLayers is the preferred mapping library for comprehensive geospatial applications where a base layer with markers on top of it is not enough. In its version 3, which is a complete rewrite, OpenLayers leverages latest web technologies, brings excellent vector performance, and integrates well with JavaScript frameworks used by web developers. OpenLayers comes with an API that was built with clarity and ease of use in mind, trying to avoid known flaws from version 2.

In this workshop, participants will get familiar with the core concepts of OpenLayers 3: A map has a view, a layer has a source, and interactivity is provided by controls and interactions. Advanced topics include styling of vector layers and the creation of custom small builds.

The target audience for this workshop are web developers and decision makers looking for a comprehensive mapping solution, and users of OpenLayers 2 who want to get familiar with the new OpenLayers 3 API.