WS14: GeoTools DataStore Workshop


Trainers: Jody Garnett (Boundless), Torben Barsballe (Boundless), Ian Turton (Astun Technology)

Schedule: Monday Noon 14-18

Places: 20




GeoTools is a great geospatial library supporting a whole host of data formats. This workshop looks at how to extend GeoTools with your own custom “DataStore” format and the changes that have been made for Java 8.

This course will take a detailed look at how vector data is handled. As an implementer GeoTools provides facilities for automatic handling of advanced functionality: thread safety, transactions with rollback and dynamic reprojection.

This is a Java Development workshop - so not only can you bring your own device - you can bring your own IDE. One instructor will be using Eclipse and the other Netbeans (command line and vi welcome).

You will leave this course with a custom “DataStore” implementation that can be dropped into an application such as GeoServer.

Tags: Java, developer, GeoTools, GeoServer



Additional Information:

This workshop has been a hit at foss4g 2014 and 2015, both Jody Garnett and Ian Turton have successfully delivered this workshop that is now updated for Java 8.