WS13: Running INSPIRE Download Services on Docker with deegree and PostgreSQL


Trainers: Torsten Friebe (deegree OSGeo project), Dirk Stenger (lat/lon GmbH)

Schedule: Monday Noon 14-18

Places: 20




This workshop will focus on a hands-on session of setting up a INSPIRE Download services (fast, interoperable, direct access) based on deegree running on a Docker-based infrastructure. The target audience are spatial data providers and users interested in learning how to setup and configure a deegree WFS serving harmonized INSPIRE data. Prior knowledge about Docker is not required. Programming knowledge is also not required, but knowledge of INSPIRE standards and deegree is helpful as well as knowledge about XML/GML and PostgreSQL.

The following Software will be used:

In detail, during the workshop we will walk step-by-step through:

  • Starting from scratch and setup a infrastructure with Docker (choosing the right Java Runtime Environment and Java Servlet Container for deegree and connecting to the PostgreSQL container)
  • Set up deegree web services to provide fast and compliant Direct Access Download Services based on WFS 2.0.0
  • We will perform an example harmonization based on deegree's relational mapping language and import data using deegree WFS-T
  • Access of harmonized INSPIRE data
  • Particular attention will be given to the setup of OGC and INSPIRE compliant Direct Access Download Service, tools to validate the service and data will be demonstrated

Tags: inspire, FOSS, OSGeo, OGC Web Services, deegree