WS11: Introduction to Open Source Geospatial


Trainers: Arnulf Christl (Metaspatial)

Schedule: Monday Morning 9-13

Places: 20




Free and open source geospatial software has matured in recent years and is being used by a wide range of commercial and government organizations for many mission-critical applications. If your organization is paying for geospatial software / GIS and you haven’t yet evaluated whether open source software has a role to play, you owe it to yourself and your organization to attend this event and find out more.

We’ll address common questions and misconceptions about open source software, including:

  • Is the software really free? (Yes)
  • Do its capabilities really compare with proprietary software that I pay money for? (Yes)
  • Can I get support for it? (Yes)
  • Can it work together with my existing proprietary software? (Yes)

The event is mainly targeted at users, developers and managers involved with geospatial software / GIS who haven’t yet had significant involvement with open source, but it will provide a good overview for anyone interested in learning more about geospatial open source.

The day will work equally as a standalone event, or as a way of getting up to speed to get the most out of the subsequent FOSS4G conference, which will provide 3 more days where you can get into much more detail, hear about more projects, and meet the leading developers and companies working in open source geospatial.

Tags: OSGeo, osgeo incubation, introduction, licenses, Open Source, Free Software