WS09: Massage your Point Cloud data


Trainers: Vincent Picavet (Oslandia), Paul Blottiere (Oslandia)

Schedule: Monday Morning 9-13

Places: 30




I heard you are stressed because you have to manipulate large amounts of Point Cloud data ?

Just relax, we are going to massage your brain and your millions of points and release you in a good shape.

No Shapefile here though, but you will get your hands dirty anyway. We will talk about databases. This workshop will teach you how to use PostgreSQL, PostGIS, PgPointCloud and PDAL at their best to manage your Point Clouds.

We will introduce you to these technologies and get down to some pragmatic use cases. Workshop steps include :

  • Presentation of the components and their principles
  • Getting the components ready
  • Loading the point cloud data inside the database
  • Data manipulation with PDAL
  • Querying the point cloud data in the database
  • Mixing point cloud data with other data type ( 2D, 3D)
  • Performance issues & indexing
  • Visualizing your data

At the end of it, you will sit back and grasp all the new opportunities open to you with these technologies.

Tags: Point cloud, PostGIS, Databases, 3D, data management, PDAL, pgpointcloud