WS08: Workshop: Building Dynamic Maps with CartoDB


Trainers: Santiago Giraldo Anduaga (CartoDB)

Schedule: Monday Morning 9-13

Places: 30




In this 4 hour intensive hands-on workshop, we will learn how to use raw data to create beautiful, interactive, and sharable maps for the web. While this session does not require any technical skills, participants will quickly learn the fundamentals of making maps in the CartoDB editor, and progress into advanced toics such as using Torque.js to create animated visualizations, data-driven design in CartoCSS, spatial queries and spatial analysis using PostgreSQL & PostGIS, designing interactivity using HTML, and basic principles of data visualization and cartographic theory.

Focusing on working with different kinds of spatial data, participants will be equipped to use CartoDB's editor and advanced functionality in future projects after completion.

Tags: data analysis, PostgreSQL, interactive mapping, PostGIS, CartoCSS, web-gis