WS04: Hands-on mapping with Mapillary


Trainers: Peter Neubauer (Mapillary AB)

Schedule: Monday Morning 9-13

Places: 20




This workshop is aiming to get a full-circle editing flow in Mapillary-OpenStreetMap going. We are going to capture pictures with Mapillary, upload them, and edit them in mapillary and use them to map in the OpenStreetMap iD and JOSM editors. We will look into different ways of preparing photos from phones, action cameras and videos for upload with tools, scripts and rig setups.

Also, Peter will explain and and show the object detections in pictures and object mergings into 3D objects from these detections that Mapillary is providing for e.g. OSM use going forward.

Tags: josm, iD, OSM, mapillary, openstreetmap