FOSS4G Travel Grant Programme results

FOSS4G2016 is built from and for the community and in a community, we are kind to each other, opened to discussions and opinions that are different from our own, we constructively asses and examine. In a community, we help and support each other and this is exactly what the FOSS4G 2016 Bonn worked hard to do.

As we stated in February, the Bonn Local Organizing Committee had actively pursued the possibility of continuing the FOSS4G Travel Grant Programme initiated at former FOSS4G conferences. What is this all about? The Travel Grant represents a window of opportunity for FOSS4G enthusiasts that lack financial means to participate at the conference. The travel grant represents a waver of conference fee and accommodation support.

The selection process was composed by a ranking system taking into account 4 criteria -origin or residence, gender, student status and accepted paper - and a few words to highlight motivation. By reasons of diversity and openness, we considered special places for unique and outstanding letters of motivation.

We are happy to say that we have succeeded in providing for all eligible applications received! The 12 applicants that will join us wrote pertinent, relevant and hearty motivation letters, proving once more the interest and impact generated by FOSS4G for the GI people worldwide. We can not refrain from noticing another important aspect of all applications, an aspect as important, as considerate. That was the inclination and hope of actively contributing to the OSGeo community in various way, either technical or educational or promoting in their own communities. [ ] Our question "Why do I want to come to FOSS4G?" received clear, concise but nonetheless, heartfelt answers: “FOSS4G presents a unique opportunity for me to expand my knowledge in this field and to learn about the various open source tools and techniques which can help in my research. It also gives me a chance to learn more about a career in Open Source Geospatial domain. [ ] I strongly feel that the knowledge gained from this event will help me in my research and through independent work I will also be able to contribute towards the open source community. ” or “I am sure that I will learn new skills that will be transferred to my colleagues when I will come back to my home country. ”

Our 12 Travel Grants receivers come from all over the world, connected in different working cultures and environments: educational, start-ups, students. This diversity is exactly what we have searched for through the program and we hope this will become a well established tradition within OSGeo events. We will gladly welcome in Bonn, FOSS4G enthusiasts from: Nigeria, India, Zimbabwe, Nicaragua, Turkey, Ecuador, Rwanda and the list does not stop here.

We are honored to acknowledge OSGeo as the main supporter of the Travel Grants Programme. We give our gratitude for they generosity, openness and support.

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