FOSS4G newsletter week 32 2016


Dear FOSS4G followers,


FOSS4G 2016 Bonn is just around the corner. Here are some of the latest updates to help you navigate through the vast, colourful world of foss4g.



Extended registration: 19th of August ! Register now!


Yes, not the most interesting of tasks, registering for a conference, but a necessary step to go through. You can register online until August 19th, afterwards only on site. Don't forget though, registering online supports us in doing a better job in making FOSS4G run smooth as a silk. Click


Numbers and facts


Our latest numbers show us that for FOSS4G Bonn we have 780 registered participants from 53 countries and 160 more started the registration! This shall make the social networking layout prepared very animated.


We would like to thank once again OSGeo for the generous contribution of 7.5k EUR for the Code Sprint.


Travelling more than 100 km to Bonn by train within Germany? Apply for a free ticket!


Great news for German train travellers! FOSS4G silver sponsor Deutsche Bahn is sponsoring 30 train tickets. Anyone travelling by train within Germany, more than approximately 100 kilometers can apply for the a free ticket. The rule is first-come, first-served. The limit is of 30 tickets.

The full list of names and destinations will close this Wednesday.
Send a mail to to apply for a free ticket.

Social networking outside the World Conference Center Bonn

One pivotal aspect of all FOSS4G events around the world is keeping the discussions going even after exiting the conference room. At FOSS4G 2016, we are highly equipped to encourage such a behavior.

You have already heard of all social networking layout we have prepared for you, starting with the Icebreaker on the 24th, moving on to a classical social dinner a.k.a. gala event on the 25th, to the-not-so classical pub race. Small details to keep in mind: drinks are GENERALLY not included. Please note that payment is general in cash, so bring some Euros with you.


Icebreaker - 24th - Basecamp Bonn

  • open for every FOSS4G participant, including partners and guests, regardless of ticket type;

  • drinks and food not included;

  • special surprise (?!) included;

  1. see for details.

Gala Dinner - 25th - At the "MS Rheinenergie" on the river Rhine

Circumstances in which you pay for the Gala Dinner:

  • you do not have a full 3-day FOSS4G ticket;

  • you would like to bring your partner as well;

  • you are a student and participating to FOSS4G through some kind of program (travel grant, studentship program etc.).

Pub race - every evening - selected bars in Bonn

For the full program of the social network plans, please take a look at the overview of the schedule


OSGeo Live 10.0 live and kicking!

OSGeo Live is a self-contained bootable DVD, USB flash drive and Virtual Machine based upon Ubuntu Linux that is pre-configured with a wide variety of robust open source geospatial software. All applications can be used without installing anything on your computer, simply by booting the computer from the DVD or USB drive. OSGeo Live 10.0 will be used at the FOSS4G workshops.


Haven't registered for any ? Doesn't matter! OSGeo Live is an extremely useful tool in your every day working life. Check out this short introduction and pass it on to your colleagues. [].



OSGeo Annual General Meeting


OSGeo is all about community and one key aspect is keeping the members informed on the worldwide activities of OSGeo coupled with getting feedback and ideas and the Annual General Meeting is just the place for that. AGM is opened for everyone and has as a triple goal:

  • give an overall status of the organization

  • informing the members of previous and future activities from committees and local chapters

  • discuss important issues and take decisions

In FOSS4G 2016, the AGM will start on Thursday, on the 25th at 5.30 PM, in the plenary chamber. Do join us.

Acknowledging community leaders


The annual OSGeo conference is the best moment to celebrate the heroes of our community. Curious about this year's proposals and the selected one? Well, on the last day of the conference, on Friday, after the last keynote, the seventh, we all gather in the plenary chamber to honour the 2016 Sol Katz Award winner.

More on the Sol Katz Award here [].



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