FOSS4G newsletter 2016 - Thursday

Looking forward to today events

Good morning FOSS4G attendees and followers!

After the codesprint and the workshops in the previous days we saw the first conference day yesterday. For us as Local Organizing Committee it was an exciting day because handing over badges and shirts in the early morning, and drinks and food during the breaks for over 900 people is not an easy task.
Apart from a few issues with the registrations, and the usual queues at the food supply all went  pretty well. Due to the fact that almost 30 new attendees showed up yesterday morning we passed the 900-mark! 

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Gala Event

Please don't forget your badge today, as it is not just your ticket for the conference, but also for the Gala Event this evening. If you want to bring your husband, wife, friend etc. along to the Gala Event you can by an additional ticket at the registration desk until 13.00h. Boarding will start at 18.15, and the ship will set sail at 18.45.

Program changes

Unfortunately we have to cancel 2 presentations: today's "Involving communities" (14:30h at the Rhine Lobby) and tomorrow's GeoJSON and the IETF (12.00h).

BoF sessions

We got some questions regarding BoF sessions. A Birds-of-a-feather (BoF) session is a session you can organize yourself. If you have a certain theme of issue you want to discuss with some of our attendees you can simply claim one of the rooms to use directly after the regular sessions (17.30). At the registration desk we have a announcement board were you can see which sessions are already planned and advertise your sessions. Make sure to end your session today at 18.15, in order to get in time aboard on the ship for the Gala Event.

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In the afternoon we have OSGeo's Annual General Meeting. At the meeting the OSGeo foundantion presents their official annual report. Also the local and regional chapter give a short presentatin on their activities. Join us, at 17.30h, in the Plenary Chamber.

Session chairs

We still need 5 session chairs for today. Main task is to keep an eye on the clock, and to make sure that questions from the audience are orderly handled. Sign up at the info desk if you want to fill in one of these 5 places.

Certificate of participation

If you need a certificate of participation (because you're a student, or your employer asks for one) you can obtain one at the info desk neat the entrance.

Looking back


Well attended workshops

The workshops on Monday and Tuesday were well attended and well received. The WiFi capacity was at some points  a bit on the low side, but went well overall.
A surprise was that one on the workshops was the attendance of a bird in one of the workshop rooms. Not an early bird, not a bird-of-a-feather, but a real one!

Successfull start of FOSS4G with Part 1 of FOSS4G 2016 OSGeo Code Sprint in Basecamp

Around 100 attendees came each day to the first part of the FOSS4G 2016 OSGeo Code Sprint to Basecamp. They met in the cool and releaxed atmosphere of the great place. There was enough space for the projects to sit together and hack - indoor or outdoor. Drinks, snacks and great food was served.

Some reactions:
6artvde "Great codesprint experience, well done!"
#Mapbender team: "Great event for indoor and outdoor hacking. Many bugs fixed. We enjoyed the place. Thanks."
Part II of FOSS4G 2016 OSGeo Code Sprint will be on Saturday and Sunday.
You are welcome to join:

In the media

Yesterday several media made a report on FOSS4G. Read an interview with Arnulf Christl at and listen to Till Adams at WDR radio at

Video's online

Video's of yesterdays presentation are already online, you can find them at
That's all for now, have fun today!

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