April's recap

    After the extensive and careful 2-staged selection process, the OSGeo community in collaboration with the FOSS4G 2016 Program Committee has succeed in selecting 180 talks from the 289 submitted! We are proud and honored to acknowledge the high to very high quality of all proposed talks. We just couldn't accept them all. Until we prevail in knitting the engaging, diverse and yet connected conference program, take a look at all accepted talks here! And since we are at the talks topic, let's talk about the Topic Talks! No, it's not just a word-play. The topic talk is a renewed invitation to you, the FOSS4G 2016 participant, to engage in fruitful conversation on the themes you care about. Time allows 8 topic talks, but 6 have already been established. Here are some ideas on what will be on the table: collaborative mapping in satellite tacked emergency response, open data and open applications for conflict mapping, response and peace building, hands on Sentinel 2 data with Open Source Software, an OSGeo Live presentation. Do you have an idea for a topic talk where you would love to go? Or better yet, would you like to lead a topic talk on your favorite subject? Then, pin your idea to our wall of ideas!

    Talks, topic talks and now.. yes, workshops! FOSS4G has grown over time, but its spirit is the same, the OSGeo spirit. We come together to meet, laugh, exchange ideas, teach and learn. This year, the Program Committee had the almost impossible task to choose 42 workshops from 63 sent. Again, the decision was difficult, all were great, but time is no-one's friend. Which ones will you attend to ?

    Curious though on this year's Scientific Track shape at FOSS4G? Just note down in your calendar: May 15th 2016.

    Next on our list of done! is the FOSS4G Travel Grants Programme come true. We have been keen in setting up the programme and we are very glad to say that we have succeeded. The travel grant programme is currently sponsored exclusively by OSGeo and through private donations. As the demand for travel grant funds is always higher than the supply, we need your help to get as many applicants to Bonn as possible. We aim to fund at least one applicant by private donations. In order to reach this goal we need at least 1000 Euro. Please consider donating 25 EUR (or more) to this cause. We count on you! And so are the FOSS4G 2016 travel grants applicants. More here.

    Now, that you have seen how FOSS4G 2016 schedule is gently unfolding and falling into place, it's time to draw your attention to how to get in. Early Bird Registration! Yes, you still have just a few more days to secure your place to FOSS4G 2016 with a nice discount of 160 EUR. For the sentimental ones out there though, we have a more attractive offer: a special 10 years FOSS4G T-shirt! 50 of the early birds will become a lucky owner of a special FOSS4G T-shirt.

    Hurry up, the early bird registration closes on the 8th of May!

    Oh, and one last thing! Do check the FOSS4G code sprint page. A lot of activity is going on there!

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