March's recap

  • Our call for papers closed on the 21St of March and we have some interesting numbers to show off with:
    • 61 proposed workshops
    • 289 proposed papers
    • 24 proposed papers for the FOSS4G scientific track
    • However, there is still one chance for you to actively get involved and prove your cARTographic skills by submitting a map for the FOSS4G gallery.

    • It's no piece of news that our community is of late bloomers as in the magical Monday, before midnight, our system was overwhelmed with submissions. Approximately 30 workshop proposals and 120 talks were sent as the dusk came upon Bonn. When did you sent yours?
    • Curious about this year's FOSS4G submission? You are a  click away from seeing all the talks sent. Be aware though, the community voting will close today, the 11th of April! We kindly invite you to hurry up and cast your vote. What and whom do you want to see this year? In the OSGeo's biggest annual event, you have a saying! As you are sharing your opinion with the community, we are reaching out for those people everyone wants to see: the keynote speakers! We are honored to have with us: from the European Commission, Mr. Andreas Veispak, the Head of Space Data for Societal Challenges and Growth Unit, from the World Bank, Mr. Klaus Deininger, Lead Economist in the agricultural and rural research unit of the Development Research Group and from the European Space Agency, Mrs. Bianca Hoersch, the Sentinel-2 Mission Manager, ESA's European Space Research Institute.
    • Crazy about working for your favorite project? Well, come and join the already over 30 signed up code sprinters at the FOSS4G 2016 Code Sprint improving our everyday software and documentations: GRASS GIS, QGIS, PyWPS, GIS.lab, Mapbender, MapServer, OpenLayers, EOxServer, LASzip for LAS 1.4, GDAL. We are proud to put at your disposal one of the greatest locations, if not the greatest, work and accommodation place in the world: the BaseCamp ! Not yet convinced? Maybe this list of software gurus coming will convince you. We offer food & fun in return for nothing else than your high-spirits and sense of responsibility when joining the working teams.
    • Are you a student and FOSS4G 2016 is a little bit out of your budget? Here's your ticket in: studentship program! In our attempt to reduce the impact of the conference expenses on an average student's budget and to welcome as many young academics as possible we are offering the possibility for students to join our local team. The deal is 50/50: half the time helping the team, half the time enjoying the conference as all the other attendees. Details here .
    • The FOSS4G 2016 has published the registration cheatsheet that gives you all the information you need to know, from fees to what the FOSS4G2016 bag has in store for you. We stay true to our word and we are hard at work in our pursuit of welcoming as many FOSS4G enthusiasts as possible, therefore we are keen in maintaining the FOSS4G Travel Grant Programme. We encourage you to contact us and to express your interest in being part of the Travel Grant Programme. We will release more information when available on our website, Twitter and Facebook.
    • Our list of dear supporters and sponsors is expanding. Our silver and bronze sponsors lists have expanded each with one more FOSS4G believer. We are grateful for helping us making FOSS4G 2016 great! We would also like to announce the endorsement of 4 new institutional partners: Open Geospatial Consortium, Deutscher Dachverband für Geoinformation e.V. ,Joint Research Center – European Commission and the World Bank.

    So, this is our FOSS4G 2016 March. Stay in touch with us, follow our developments and ask your questions
    • Till Adams, Chair of FOSS4G 2016 "Building Bridges...."
    • Twitter: @foss4g
    • Facebook: FOSS4G2016
    • email:

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